Lady Goldenesque- Tulips E.P (2018)

Lady Goldenesque, A Band comprised of Miguel Szekely and Diego Valencia. Composed and Produced by both musicians. The Music can be described as indie pop with tinges of vintage disco.

Fever - Hummingbird Tapes (2019)

Member of Hummingbird Tapes, a collective of musicians that embark on musical retreats to create unique songs with a focus on collaboration.

Chills To The Bone by Marie Elodie (2019)

Production for Marie Elodie's single 'Chills to the Bone', a slow-haunting ballad with a huge vocal arrangement.

The Simple Life E.P by IZLO (2019)

Production for IZLO's E.P the Simple Life, released on January 25th 2019. Music on tracks 2, 4 and 5 were produced by Miguel Szekely.


Final portfolio for directed study in contemporary writing and production at Berklee College of Music.


1. Orchestra Writing: "Elsö Zenekar" composed, orchestrated, conducted (with a live Orchestra) and Mixed by Miguel Szekely. This is a piece for a medium orchestra that draws on my Hungarian roots but it is mixed with contemporary orchestration and Harmony.


2. Vocal Production Song: "Chills To The Bone" by Marie Elodie, arranged, produced (with sound design), engineered and mixed by Miguel Szekely. This song features heavy vocal production and inventive use of harmonies and vocal overdubs as well as a production that evokes nostalgia and sadness. 


3. Contemporary Electronic Track: "Faded ⌛︎⎈✺", composed, produced, sound design, mixing and mastering done by Miguel Szekely. This song seeks to evoke the feeling of loosing control and struggling to get it back, the core goal of this piece was to focus on sound design and synthesis to create a personal sound yet one that will draw the listener. 


4. Ensemble piece: "You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To" by Cole Porter. Arranged for a Jazz Big Band by Miguel Szekely. This piece was written for four trumpets, four trombones, five saxophones and a rhythm section. It is written in two different genres and it features creative arrangements.


5. Artistic/Personal project: "Under my Nose" by Pablo Bailon, produced and Mixed by Miguel Szekely. This project consisted in producing a song for the artist Pablo Bailon, it features a rock trio along the voice and it tells the story of finding someone that was once very special in your life. 



Mixing of 'Aqui', Single for Mexican artists Lautz

Fiction 8 - Fiction Voice E.P (2013)

Alternative Indie rock band based in Mexico City. Comprised of Miguel Szekely, Diego Valencia and Juan Schietekat.


Producer for 'Posh Music', a new Boston-based company which focuses on developing young talent and producing audio and video for them. 

Work includes recording engineer and  Mixing engineer as well as song editing and project pitching.

Video with the most views has gathered over 8000 views in Facebook alone.

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